The Potential of a Website

A website can be your greatest asset or a huge money pit.

Having a great website has become an essential requirement for most businesses. The main reason is websites have become more than just a selling tool, they are now the face of a brand on the internet and depending on this, users can get an idea of who the company is, what it does and its degree of professionalism. For this reason, many businesses are already betting on optimizing their website and offering the best aesthetics along with the best content to appeal to their target audience.

What to take into account for a great website

Before we talk about web design, we should differentiate two elements that, at present, have become blurred. On the one hand would be web development. This step has to do with the content or the possibilities offered by the web. It’s main focus is that which is not normally seen by the user; the programming of the site and everything that encompasses its functions and characteristics. For example, database applications, e-commerce or content management systems.

Web design, on the other hand, can be defined on the simplest of terms as the visible face of the website. The structure, image and format would be the key elements encompassed by this element. The main objectives of website design are, broadly speaking, two: Good aesthetics and an optimal user experience, all with the sole purpose of communicating something to our user in the best possible way.

The importance of investing in a solid website lies in the fact that is the cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy. It should convey something different that you can not see or experience in other websites, either by design, usability or communication. Coming up with a design that properly combines the previous elements is one of the most complicated points and most of the time requires the work of professionals with experience in the field.

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